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One problem we’re sure all of us have struggled with at some point or another? The pantry disaster. For whatever reason, pantries seem harder to organize than nearly any other space. Luckily, we’ve found a few things that seem to work for us and our lives. Nothing mind blowing or life altering. Just simple, practical things to help you simplify the mess in your pantry. 

1) Organize by category. Trying to keep a pantry organized when you’re in the middle of packing lunches, cooking dinner, and being your family’s personal chauffeur is no simple task. But, having a spot for everything and keeping it categorized is extremely helpful for keeping things in order! Instead of throwing things on a random shelf, have a specific area for canned goods, another space for spices, and a basket full of grab and go snacks for when you’re on the run!  

2) Wipe everything down regularly. A little bit of flour that spilled out on a shelf, or syrup stuck to the bottom of a cabinet can make the whole pantry seem like more of a disaster than it actually is. Take time each week to wipe down the shelves and clean off containers that have been sitting for a few weeks. 

3) Use bins. Clear bins with labels (washi tape works great!) are amazing for organizing flour, sugar, oatmeal, and other baking supplies. Sealed containers will keep everything fresh and make it easier to see when items are running low. 

4) Clear the Clutter. All the fancy storage bins and organizing tips in the world won’t keep your pantry from being a complete disaster if you have too much stuff. Go through your pantry regularly and eliminate items you don’t need or use! Donate the canned goods that’ve been sitting on your shelf for months to a local food bank. Throw away the stale crackers that your kiddos never finished off. Eliminating clutter does wonders for an organized pantry! 

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