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If you’re like us, you sometimes have a hard time keeping your closets organized. For years it seemed like as soon as there was some sort of organization in there, we’d need something that we placed waaaay in the back of our closet and, after pulling everything out to find it, our closet was a disaster again within days. Or we’d get busy and slack on putting things away for a few days, and then, once again, the mess started to take over our closet. But, thankfully, once we figured out a system that actually works, we’re now able to organize our closets and keep them clean. Hooray!

Every now and then, things will get out of control again, but we’ve figured out three reasons why things spiral out of control in there sometimes. Since we’ve pinpointed the problem, our closets don’t ever have to stay a mess for long, and getting all that physical clutter out of the way dissolves our mental clutter as well. So, next time your closet feels out of control, don’t fret! It’s likely that the issue is one of these three things, and once you realize that, you’re on your way to clean, organized, spaces that actually stays that way.

1) We have too much stuff. We’re so quick to complain about not having enough space, but usually the real problem is that we just have too much junk cluttering up our homes. We’ve collected too many things over the years that we no longer use but can’t seem to let ourselves get rid of. Well, here’s your permission to let it go. Haven’t used it in over six months? Trash it! Donate it! Have a yard sale! Be ruthless. Do whatever it takes to clear the clutter and simplify your belongings.

2) We overanalyze. Thinking that we need fancy storage boxes and the best new organizational products to stay organized is one trap we easily fall into. Here’s something we’ve learned over the years: all of the organizational tools in the world won’t help you get organized if you have too many things. Organizing shouldn’t be complicated. So, once you’re done clearing the clutter out of your closets, stop overthinking things, and just start putting things away. You can use fancy baskets if you want, but shoe boxes will work just as well. Don’t make it more complicated than it is.

3) We let it build up. The only thing worse than being overwhelmed by a messy closet is being overwhelmed by a messy closet and not doing anything about it.  Don’t let that be you! Allowing the problem of not knowing where to start to keep you from starting is one of the biggest mistakes you can make (in any area of life!). But that only builds a bigger mess that you’ll have to deal with later. So, stop worrying about how to start, and just start!

P.S. Make sure you’re following along with Emily for our Fresh Start Challenge this month! Quick and easy action steps each day to purge, organize, and simplify your home before the start of your new Simplified Planner!

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