2021 Holiday Gift Guide
2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For Mom
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For Mom

Hi, friends! It's almost as if there isn't a gift to truly represent our appreciation and admiration for the mamas and mama-figures in our lives. We want to show them how dearly we love their love and support so Team Simplified collected a list of items we're gifting our moms (and mothers-in-law). And actually, several of these are on our own wishlists too! 

If you are a mama, thank you. If you are a grandma (or Nana), thank you. If you are a mother figure in anyone's life, thank you. You are doing an amazing job in everything you do. 

For Mom: 

  1. Give the gift of rest with these beautiful, soft, feminine pajamas. Pair with this weighted eye mask for her ultimate night's sleep. 
  2. For even more rest, mom deserves to take delight in the most luxurious bed sheets
  3. We can't get over how simply stunning this bracelet is for her to wear. 
  4. These classic books are so beautiful to read and display.  
  5. This Nespresso is a treat every single morning. This is certainly a gift that will keep on giving!
  6. Cute & comfy sneakers are always a win!
  7. This set of pink Dominoes is adorable! Set time aside to sip coffee and play a game with mom!  
  8. This non-toxic, nonstick pan lives up to its hype. She will love it for cooking all-the-things! 
  9. This freshly scented perfume smells wonderful and chic! If you're interested in a different option, this is another lovely, feminine scent for mom. 
  10. Encourage mom to get her friends together for a picnic in the park with this cute cooler backpack
  11. This cleansing device lifts, firms, and tones areas of the face for a more youthful appearance. Trust us, she wants this for her skincare routine! 
  12. For the photo-taking mama, gift her the luxury of printing her pictures on the go with this instant photo printer
  13. Gift this set of lip glosses with this lip sleeping mask for beauty and beauty rest!
  14. These cute oversized sunglasses look great on every woman, and your gift will help provide the gift of sight to someone in need. 
  15. An Audible subscription is a great way to gift her time, listening to the books she loves. 

Our team is praying for the hurting hearts missing moms this holiday season. We are also thinking about those longing for a better relationship with their mom. The holidays can make seasons of grief or discomfort even more sensitive – we are hugging you from afar.  

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