2020 Summer Bucket List
2020 Summer Bucket List
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Hi, friends! I think it goes without saying that things look a bit different this summer compared to last. Summer has always been a time to relax and reset, which doesn’t have to change. It seems like no matter how old we get, there is an innocent joy for summer break. I know I share the love for sunshine and long days outside with my kiddos. So even though quarantine is talk of the town, a fun-filled summer is still in our Simplified Planners! 

Here are a few of our favorite at-home ideas to keep summer exciting! 

  • Plant flowers and watch them grow 
  • Enjoy a movie night with popcorn and candy 
  • Make homemade popsicles 
  • Read a book 
  • Design a chalk walk 
  • Start a journal 
  • Go on a bike ride 
  • Make a charcuterie board 
  • Try an exotic fruit 
  • Family kickball tournament 
  • Face masks for spa night 
  • Play with bubbles 
  • Walk an extra mile 
  • Tie-dye
  • Pack a picnic for the backyard 
  • Create a vision board 
  • Host a FaceTime game night 
  • Make s’mores 
  • Write & send letters 
  • Build a fort 
  • Homemade pizza night 
  • Play in the sprinkler 
  • Camp in the backyard (or living room)
  • Bike ride treasure hunt – stop for leaves and wild flowers 
  • Kitchen dance party 

P.s. These are just ideas! There is no failing if you don’t get to everything on your list. Simply enjoy the time you have. Kids can be independently creative. You can rest! Give yourself the grace to refresh how you wish! 

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