Show Notes

For the Teachers


We're always on the hunt for the perfect gift to give some of the most beloved people in our lives-- teachers! They are some of the most amazing people in our communities, and they deserve to feel a little bit pampered around the holidays! Here are some of our favorite gifts for them this holiday season. P.S. These would also make great gifts for babysitters, nurses, or anyone else who helps you do life throughout the year! 

1. Yeti Mug: For the teacher who runs on coffee. Keep their coffee hot during long meetings or while they're grading papers for hours! 

2. Gold Dot Pen: For the teacher who appreciates a good pen. Help make grading a little bit more fun!

3. Pineapple Serving Board: For the teacher who loves to play hostess. Dress up their kitchen with a little something special this holiday season!

4. Coaster Set: For the teacher who always has a drink in their hand. Give them a special place to set their drink down throughout the day. 

5. Volcano Candle: For the teacher who loves a cozy home (or classroom). Ease their stress with one of our very favorite scents!

6. Happy Stripe Water Bottle: For the teacher who wants to stay happily hydrated. Help their water stay cold all day long! 

7. Fresh Lip Set: For the teacher who needs to be pampered. Give them a little bit of relaxation with our very favorite lip set. 

8. Garrett Popcorn: For the teacher who loves to munch. Keep them full while they're grading papers this holiday season!

9. Paper Clip Set: For the teacher who likes to keep things together (with style). Make their work a little bit more fun with our gold paper clips! 

10. The Sweetest Bangle: For the teacher with a heart of gold. Remind them with this sweet reminder they can wear everyday-- inscribed with the words, "heart of gold" on the inside. 

11. Desk Organizer: For the teacher who keeps an organized desk.  Spruce it up with this gold and acrylic organizer! 

12. Pineapple Pen Cup: For the teacher who appreciates a well-dressed desk. Give them the prettiest place to store their favorite pens! 

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