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Simplify your days.
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Growing Boldly


Growing Boldly Dare to Build a Life You Love

From bestselling author and founder of the Simplified® brand of organizational tools for busy women comes Growing Boldly, a how-to book that inspires us to imagine big, plan well, and then gather the equipment and the courage to go out and do.

In Growing Boldly, Emily will help you: believe in who you are and Whose you are . . . and move past the lies and fears holding you back, figure out what makes you tick and own it confidently, gather all your grit, learned lessons, and tools because it's all valuable, imagine the life you dream of and decide how to make it happen, love your people well so that you create a lasting legacy, clear the clutter and cultivate clarity so you can do what matters most, do the hard work without forgetting to feed your soul

Emily Ley has shown us how to give ourselves grace in Grace, Not Perfection, how to simplify our lives in A Simplified Life, and how to replace busyness with true connection in When Less Becomes More. Now for the first time, Emily draws on her own story of creating a highly successful business--and loving the process--as she teaches us how to move forward in our own vocations and serve others at the same time. This is the start of something good. Get ready to build a life you love.

An excerpt

Many books have been written to tell you that you are a Boss Babe, that you can achieve #allthethings all at once, and that it’s okay to hustle ‘til it hurts. If you’re looking for a generic kick in the pants, this isn’t the book for you.

If you’re looking for a friend who has built something out of nothing, by going brave, trusting her gut, working really really hard, and… well, also making a million mistakes, then this book is for you. I’m going to push you to think outside the box, to question everything, and to take action toward what you want.

Get ready.

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