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Get your Favorite 2020 Simplified Planner before it's gone!

Books: A Simplified Life

Emily reading A Simplified Life

A Simplified Life Tactical Tools for Intentional Living

Do you long to simplify the demands on your time, energy, and resources? Have complicated responsibilities, overwhelming to-do lists, and endless clutter left you feeling overwhelmed? Busy wife, mom, entrepreneur, and bestselling author Emily Ley knows how you feel. With a growing family, increased work demands, and more, she understands the struggle it is to keep the plates spinning.
In A Simplified Life, you’ll find Emily’s strategies, systems, and methods for permanently clearing the clutter, organizing your priorities, and living intentionally in 10 key areas—from your home and meal planning, to style and finances, parenting, faith life, and more. Emily will show you how to truly make the most of your days with realistic, achievable, and tactical tools. Walk alongside Emily through each page of the book, working through her simple strategies toward your own goals as you simplify and make space for what matters most.
Emily holding A Simplified Life

An excerpt

“You can’t experience simple joys when you’re living life with your hair on fire. You don’t hear the joy in those sounds when your brain is reciting and rehashing your to-do list. You can’t enjoy the warmth of an afternoon breeze when you’re clamoring to get inside because you have so much left to do. Yes, certain tasks have to get done; let’s not negate the responsibilities of life. A simplified life means that what has to get done will get done. And when we pare down life to its simplest, most beautifully basic parts, we’re left with room to enjoy each other, to rest, and to truly savor life with all our hearts, minds, and spirits.”

Reading A Simplified Life felt like a vindication of all my daily thoughts. I kept saying “YES! Exactly!” out-loud and furiously annotating and highlighting excerpts. Emily is our organizational soul sister and so perfectly puts our mantras into an easy-to-follow, daily application. I can’t get enough!

– Clea Shearer

Co-Founder of The Home Edit

To simplify and remove the distractions from your home and life - to focus on the things that really matter - can seem like a job that’s too big, too much. Emily is the expert and I love her tactical lists and big sister voice guiding us step-by-step to the focused, practical lives we’ve all imagined. In bite size pieces, anything is possible.

– Erin Napier

Star of HGTV's Hometown

Emily has an amazing ability to make simplifying one's life approachable, for even the busiest women. A Simplified Life provides you with great tools to help you find a whole new side of your own life!

– Ashley & Molly

The Neat Method