Episode 142
Episode 142: 5 Simple Sides for Thanksgiving
Show Notes

5 Simple Sides for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving sides are delicious—but they don’t have to be complicated! Laura’s sharing five of the easiest, hands-off recipes to get some tasty potatoes, veggies, and more onto your table in a flash.

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 5 Simple Sides for Thanksgiving

  1. Mashed Potatoes
    You can make ‘em the night before and heat ‘em up in the oven on Thanksgiving Day!

  2. Baked Potatoes
    Want to make sure you have enough potatoes for everyone? Easy—just count your guests!

  3. Mac & Cheese
    Mac & Cheese doesn’t have to be complicated. You can even make it in the InstantPot!

  4. Roasted Veggies
    Need an easy, colorful side? These are delicious—especially with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar!

  5. Stuffing / Dressing
    But you don’t even have to make it homemade, because StoveTop is delicious. Shh, we won’t tell!

Laura shared a few bonus recipe ideas—tune into the episode to find out what they are!

A Blessing for Your Week

May you find the simplicity you’re looking for this holiday season.

May you quickly see the shortest path to joy,

May it be right in front of your face so that you just can’t miss it.

May you give yourself permission to let go of what doesn’t matter, so that you have room in your hands for what does.

And may you enjoy every single morsel at your holiday table, and every single person gathered around it.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Did you know you can make ahead almost every single element of your Thanksgiving dinner? It’s true!

Turkey. Stuffing. Potatoes. Casseroles. Bread dough. There are so many things that taste delicious even if you make them ahead and freeze them. Just do a Google search for recipes that’ll reheat well. You will thank yourself when all you have to do is pop a dish into the oven or on the stove. 

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