Episode 88
Episode 88: 2022 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide
Show Notes

2022 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

We know it’s a tad early, but we’ve got to ask: have you started your holiday list yet? 📝 Don’t worry, we’ve done a little bit of the legwork for you! At Simplified, we like to say that behind every small business, there’s a heartbeat. Because when you purchase goods or services from a small boutique, or an Etsy shop, or a Shopify site, that owner can get groceries to feed her kids that night. She can use that money to get hearing aids for her mom, or save up for a business degree, or a new home for her growing family. So this year, Emily’s highlighting a few small businesses (most of them women-owned!) that are putting great things into the world—things that are beautiful, or whimsical, or tasty and delicious! Whether you’re shopping for your mom, sister, partner, kids, or teachers, you’re sure to find a meaningful gift or two that’ll help support a small business this holiday season.

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8 Small Businesses We Love (and they’d love to help you find gifts this holiday season!)

  1. THE TINY TASSEL (a Black and Asian woman-owned business)

A jewelry, clothing, and accessories brand based in Charleston, South Carolina, that we’re obsessed with.

  1. CRANK & BOOM ICE CREAM (an Asian woman-owned business)

Travel + Leisure said that Crank & Boom makes the best ice cream in Kentucky!

  1. MUST BE MONOGRAMMED (a woman-owned business)

Timeless monogram designs for clothes, tote bags, ornaments, and more!

  1. LINDSAY LETTERS (a woman-owned business)

Beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful art and gifts.


Pet products with beautiful, elevated design!

  1. PEONIES AND PEPPERS by Whitney Hawkins (a woman-owned business)

We’re a little biased here, because Whitney is a member of Team Simplified! She’s created a beautiful gardening handbook for any gardener and growing zone, and has an adorable line of merch to go with it.

  1. WAITING ON MARTHA HOME (a woman-owned business)

Timeless housewares, but in particular, we love this “tell me where to put everything to make it look pretty” charcuterie board.

  1. HAPPY LIFE MAGIC SHOP (a woman-owned business)
    If you need a fun gift for a kids’ birthday or party favors or whatever, the Happy Life Magic Shop makes Play-Doh and sensory boxes for kids that are super fun! 

PS:  Don’t forget our own small business, Simplified. ;)

Thought-Provoking Quotes

Honestly, my philosophy on gift-giving has evolved over the years. I don’t want to buy and wrap and give a bunch of gifts because I feel like I have to. These days, I’m more into the minimal and meaningful. I’m into giving things that are beautiful, or that surprise and delight. It’s also become more important to use my dollars where they can make the most impact. And to me, there’s hardly anything more impactful than supporting a small business.” Emily Ley

“At Simplified, we like to say that behind every small business, there’s a heartbeat. When you purchase goods or services from a small boutique,  or Etsy shop, or a Shopify site, that owner can go to Publix that night and get groceries to feed their kids. They can use that money to get hearing aids for their mom, or save up for a business degree, or a new home for their growing family.” Emily Ley

“As I’ve walked further on this entrepreneur journey, it’s becoming so important to me to invest in the people I believe in. I want to use my money and my time to strengthen my community close to home, and help others do the same in their own neighborhoods. That’s why I shop small.” Emily Ley

A Blessing for Your Week

As you get ready for a season of giving,

I hope you remember to give love and laughter in abundance.

When things get tough, I hope you remember to give plenty of patience and empathy to the moment.

And above all, I hope you remember to give yourself some grace along the way.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Do you ever find yourself needing a last-minute gift for someone who maybeeee didn’t end up on your gift list? Gosh, I’ve been there. While you’re shopping at these small businesses, add a gift card or two to your cart and tuck it into a card. If you don’t have any cards in your stash, maybe pick up a box of cards to have on hand—Simplified’s just created a cute little box of 15 cards that are perfect to use any time of year.

This is a small simplicity tip, you guys, something you already know how to do. But it never hurts to have a reminder to stock up on gift cards! You’ll thank yourself when you’re laying in bed and remember another person to add to your gift list. But you won’t sweat it—because you’ve got a thoughtful gift already waiting for them.

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