Episode 85
Episode 85: Decorating a Cozy Home for Fall & Winter (with Liz Marie Galvan)
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Decorating a Cozy Home for Fall & Winter (with Liz Marie Galvan)

Time to break out the softest throw blankets, the *good* candles, and all the decorative gourds—because today we’re getting our homes cozy and comfy for cooler months ahead with Cozy White Cottage’s Liz Marie Galvan! Liz Marie’s just written a fabulous book called Cozy White Cottage Seasons: 100 Tips to Make Your Home Cozy All Year Long, and this week, she’s sharing some of her best (and easiest!) tips with Emily. Spoiler alert: you don’t have to raid the home décor aisles every time cozy season rolls around—you probably have more cozy in your home than you think, just waiting for you to display it!

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Thought-Provoking Quotes and Tips

When it comes to decorating,] there are no rules. If it works for you and your family and the function of your home, or you find it cozy, there you go.”  Liz Marie Galvan

“I love the natural elements, things that I could go into my garden and find. So pumpkins and gourds, mums, just all of those natural elements inside and out.” Liz Marie Galvan

This is my number one tip in my book: I cannot decorate on top of stuff. It's almost like the makeup of your home. You're not going to add more makeup on top of your makeup. You wash your face, do your skincare routine, and then put on your makeup. And it feels so fresh and good.” Liz Marie Galvan

“A tip about pillows: I always just buy the pillow covers. It's cheaper, and then I keep the same forms so I don't have a closet full of pillows. You could just vacuum pack all your new pillow covers, or put them in a container.” Liz Marie Galvan

“I love real plants, real foliage, but I'm also team faux because I cannot possibly remember to water plants in every single room and not every room has the right amount of light, things like that. So I love mixing the two.” Liz Marie Galvan

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    A Blessing for Your Week

    As you ready your home for a season of gathering, 

    May you adorn the walls with the little things that make your heart sing,

    May you gather the people who bring laughter and light into your days,

    And above all, I hope you enjoy the blessings of the season and feel comfort and joy in abundance.

    Simplicity Tip of the Week

    I know it might feel a little early for this tip, but hear me out: if you need a good Christmas tree this holiday season, I can’t recommend the trees and garland from Balsam Hill enough. This isn’t sponsored—I just love them! They’re the most full and beautiful and natural-looking trees I’ve ever seen, so well made and sturdy. We can’t do real trees in the Ley house because of allergies, but we hardly miss them.

    Plus, what might be the best part is that Balsam Hill has the best ways to store trees and ornaments—because they have storage bags that roll. So not only is setup easy—so is cleanup. That’s a win all around in my book.

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