Episode 79
Episode 79: The Magic of the Perpetual Grocery List
Show Notes

The Magic of the Perpetual Grocery List

Between work and life and making sure we have enough avocados for the week, there are a lot of logistics we have to keep track of. But you know what’s pretty easy to automate? Your grocery list. No, really, it’s true! Today Emily’s sharing her secrets on her favorite tools for automating life in the Ley house. Whether you love to grab a cart and shop in person, or if you prefer clicking Add to Cart, Emily’s going to show you how to slash time and money from your grocery budget, so you can actually use that time for things you actually want to do. Because let’s be honest: no one wants to spend more than two seconds thinking about if they have enough avocados for the week.

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A Blessing for Your Week

I hope you care for yourself and your family in ways that work best for you. 

I hope you find that you have everything that you need—and maybe a few fun things that you want too. 

And I hope you stop to remember what a miracle that is, and maybe think about ways you can share the abundance you’ve been so richly blessed with.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Have you ever filled up your online grocery cart and gone to check out, only to find that five of the items you need are out of stock? Booooo!

Let me ask you this: were you shopping on the weekend? That might have something to do with it. If you shop on the weekends and find that happens to you pretty often, maybe think about placing your grocery order in the middle of the week, like on a Wednesday or Thursday. By then, your grocery store has probably received a supply replenishment and is ready to tackle the larger volume of customers they expect on the weekends. But if you shop on those “off days” you’re essentially getting first dibs on the weekend supplies. Not too shabby, right?

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