Episode 74
Episode 74: 5 Audiobooks Perfect for a Road Trip (or laundry!)
Show Notes

5 Audiobooks Perfect for a Road Trip (or laundry!)

Is there anything better than a good book? Nope! How about one you can pop into your ears while you drive, or go for a walk, or get stuff done around the house? Hmm, that’s pretty good too! Emily’s our resident Audiobook Queen, and today she’s got five recommendations you’ve *got* to check out this summer. From royal rom-coms to killer fiction (literally!), to some instructive and poignant nonfiction, there’s something here for just about everyone—even some reads the littles will love!

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Emily’s Top 5 Audiobook Recommendations This Summer: 

Bonus: Listens the Whole Family Will Love!

Double Bonus: A Podcast Bryan and I Loved!

  • Up and Vanished Season 1

    A Blessing for Your Week

    Whether you’re hitting the road or folding laundry, I hope you find some peace and contentment where you are today. 

    I hope you find adventure in new places and faces, in new stories or ones you’ve heard a thousand times before. 

    And I hope you remember no matter what’s on your plate today, you’re worth taking some time out just to feed your spirit, no matter what that looks like for you.

    Simplicity Tip of the Week

    It’s never been easier to listen to audiobooks, but no lie, they can be a little pricey, even if you have an Audible membership. You know what makes listening to audiobooks even easier, and for free? Your local library! 

    If you’ve got a library card, I bet your library uses an app like Libby or Hoopla to help you find audiobooks you can listen to right now for absolutely zero dollars. These apps usually have good recommendations from librarians, so if you need a good listen in a pinch, whether it’s just for you or for the whole family, help is just a tap away. And if you need to figure out what kinds of free digital services your library offers, go ask a librarian. I guarantee they’d love to hook you up with some great stories, because librarians are awesome like that.

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