Episode 68
Episode 68: Planning Lazy Days, Getaways, and Summer Memories (with Jane Lauter)
Show Notes

Planning Lazy Days, Getaways, and Summer Memories (with Jane Lauter)

Summer’s magic, isn’t it? The long, sunshiny days, the last-minute trips to the ice cream shop, the trips to faraway places, sharing laughs and deep conversations under the stars. Summer brings experiences like nothing else, and it’s fun to hear how our friends are planning to spend them too, right?! Emily’s BFF Jane is joining the show this week for a chat on all things summer: where they’re going, what they’re packing, what they’re eating, the best pro-tips for different destinations (even with kids!). It’s always a fun when Jane stops by, so find a comfy chair and get a cold glass of lemonade—summer magic’s about to begin!

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

“The one thing I have to learn every summer is patience, which is hard, but just being more patient about going off the cuff and doing things that are outside of our routine, which can be hard for me.” Jane Lauter

“When I was thinking about our conversation today, I was thinking, "I love trips with people, family, friends, if that works out." But I also realize in the midst of that, it's hard to plan it and do it. And sometimes in the middle of the unorganized chaos, it feels like, "Wow, this is a lot of work." But as my kids have gotten older and I look back, I think those are some of the sweetest memories.”  Jane Lauter

One of the things that we do is I have this running list on my phone of classic kids movies and we will watch the classic kids movie like Neverending Story or The Goonies.” Emily Ley

“Another thing I have learned is to get an Instacart order delivered if you are in an Airbnb—like, having it ready so you can arrive and then it comes. Because my kids do not want to me to drag them to a grocery after we've been in the car for eight hours.”  Jane Lauter

“When my kids were really little in Tampa, during the summer I would print out a monthly calendar, and I would find all the free or discounted things that you can do. There's so many things a lot of places offer. For example, they showed classic movies at the movie theater, and the tickets were a dollar or something.” Emily Ley

“What is it about being a kid and thinking summer's the best? As a mom, I think, "Wow. My mom must have been really stressed out raising kids," and then summertime came. But I think laughing together, being with friends, those moments that feel really hard when you're off that routine but you look back and you're like, "Oh, no, we stayed up till midnight playing UNO as a family," or you spent it with friends.” Jane Lauter

A Blessing for Your Week

I hope this summer is filled with warm days filled with sunshine and laughter. 

I hope your spirit gets the chance to move and breathe and be free the way she did when you were a kid. 

And I hope you remember that you don’t have to “try” to make summer magical. Just love on your people and enjoy the beauty of the season ahead of you.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

We’re a family who loves to be around the water, and I always try to keep us stocked in everything to make a day around the water super fun: toys, sunscreen, safety gear, snacks—you name it! If you want to know what’s in my beach bag, go back in the podcast archives and check out Episode 21 to get a sneak peek into all my beach and pool essentials. Here’s my best pro tip for a great beach day: you can never have too many snacks. Just sayin’!

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