Episode 67
Episode 67: How to Pack Without Forgetting Anything
Show Notes

How to Pack Without Forgetting Anything

It’s the night before your vacation, and you are *pumped.* You’re stuffing your suitcases with everything you need—maybe a little more than what you need, because how are you going to know what you’ll want to wear to dinner on Tuesday? Then, twenty minutes after you lock the front door, you feel a familiar trickle of doubt. “Oh my gosh—did I forget charger again?!” It feels inevitable, right? But . . . what if it didn’t have to be? In this week’s super tactical episode, Emily’s breaking down her best tips for packing everything you need for a quick weekend getaway or even a monthlong Airbnb stay so that maybe, just maybe, you can banish that little trickle of packing doubt for good.

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How to Pack Without Forgetting Anything

  1. Make a warm weather and cold weather packing list for each person in your family.

  2. Use the packing lists every single time you pack.

  3. Get Packing Cubes for every suitcase (even the kids!).

  4. If you take road trips frequently, keep a few bags always packed with your essentials. Top them off with new stuff when necessary.

**PS: need a packing list template? We’ve got one just for you!

A Blessing for Your Week

I hope your path to adventure is fun and safe, easy and clear. 

I hope you remember to take a spirit of courage and wonder with you on your journey. 

And above all, I hope you and your people have some moments of delight during this beautiful season.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Do you ever leave your house and can’t remember if you locked all the doors? Do you wonder if you left your curling iron plugged in, or if you threw out the garbage, or cleared your counters of anything that could spoil? Maybe it’s time to think about putting a Trip Prep routine in your life. 

You could try keeping a Trip Prep checklist in your Notes app. Think about things you typically need to do before each trip, like getting some petty cash from the bank, or leaving instructions for the dog sitter, or running the dishwasher before you walk about the door. Whatever you need to do to get out the door with some peace of mind, put it on this list. It’s a nice thing to have when you have that nagging feeling like you forgot something. 

This list can help you put that feeling to rest so you can start your adventure a little more quickly.

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