Episode 59
Episode 59: Revolutionize Your Schedule with Time Blocking
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Revolutionize Your Schedule with Time Blocking

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So you’ve bought a brand-new beautiful Simplified Planner during Spring Launch Week. How do you start using it? One of our favorites ways is . . . time blocking! This week, Emily’s telling you all about this productivity secret weapon and how it can give a little structure to even the craziest days. Sometimes getting more done (and a little peace of mind along the way!) is as simple as looking at your To-Do list and figuring out when you can make it happen—and if you can’t, maybe it’s time to give yourself a bit of grace and a little bit of margin. And don’t forget: the measure of success isn’t what you do. It’s being the kind and courageous friend, partner, sister, daughter, and teammate you already are. 

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Start Time Blocking Today!  

  1. Write down everything you think you need to get done today. 
  2. Pick your top priorities for the day. 
  3. Estimate how long it’ll take to perform your top priorities, and put them in today’s time blocks.

**Pro tip: Next: If you’re looking to take time blocking even further, then maybe you’d like to start time blocking your entire week!

Thought-Provoking Quotes

Just because you opt out of having a plan doesn't mean that you have no plan. It just means you're planning to leave your day up to chance and hope your memory can keep up with everything you need to do.”  Emily Ley 

“I sometimes expect myself to be able to do a crazy amount of things in a day. But when I sit down and think through when I'm actually going to do the things, I start laughing because I've given myself way too much to do and way too much credit to think I could do that much. You'll find a rhythm that works for you the longer you make time blocking a part of your day.”   Emily Ley 

A Blessing for Your Week

I hope you feel empowered to approach your day with a carpe diem spirit.

I hope you remember that if you feel stuck or that time isn’t on your side, it’s okay to ask for help.

And I also hope you remember that you are not what you do, and your measure of success isn’t what you get done in a day. It’s for being the courageous and kind friend, sister, partner, mother, daughter, and teammate you already are.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

If you’re a planner who enjoys using a digital calendar, then I bet you’d probably like to try time blocking in your favorite digital calendar! I find this super easy to do with Google Calendar. You can set up a whole separate calendar called “Time Blocking” and easily plug in your time blocking tasks for the day or week. The beautiful thing about time blocking in a digital calendar is how easy it is to move things around when your schedule needs to flex a bit. It’s a super quick and easy way to see your schedule at a glance and how you can use the time you have to get what you need to get done, well, done.

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