Episode 37
Episode 37: A Cozy Capsule Wardrobe for Cold Weather
Show Notes

A Cozy Capsule Wardrobe for Cold Weather

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—for *clothes.* The knits. The chunky scarves. The adorable boots. When the weather turns cool, it’s so fun to get cozy with your wardrobe. But how many times a week do you peek in your closet and think “I have literally nothing to wear”? Actually, you do—you just have too many choices. So let Emily help! This week, Emily’s taking a Simplified approach to your cold-weather closet and giving it a capsule wardrobe makeover, sharing what kinds of pieces to keep on hand and how many you need of each. Paring down your choices to your absolute favorites will make choosing outfits a breeze, and get you off to your day of apple picking and football watching (or online shopping while football watching) a little more quickly.

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The 12 Essential Pieces of a Fall Wardrobe

  • 3 basic tees. Because, of course.

  • 2 cardigans or light sweaters. You can’t have too many light layers in fall!

  • 3 nice tops. For an easy, pulled-together the look together whether you’re heading to the pumpkin patch or hopping on a Zoom call.

  • 2 pairs of cute, comfortable pants. Maybe one pair of denim, and maybe a pair of dressy leggings. Make sure they’re something you can move around in.

  • 2 pairs of cute and comfy shoes. Find shoes that make you feel confident and are ready to join you on all the fall adventures: flats, dressy sneakers, or cute boots. 

Thought-Provoking Quotes

Here's the thing: more options equals more choices. Your brain has to make many, many decisions. More choices for your brain equals more work for you. And you know what? More work makes you tired and it makes you cranky.” Emily Ley 

"Here are three guidelines you need to consider for your capsule wardrobe: 

1. It needs to fit.
2. It needs to be durable.
And 3. It needs to be your favorite." Emily Ley 

A Blessing for Your Week

I hope you remember to save energy for the decisions that matter. 

I hope you let yourself off the hook for the decisions that don't. 

And above all, I hope you're able to settle into the season ahead and enjoy the beauty of cooler days. 

Simplicity Tip of the Week

You know all those formal dresses you have in the back of your closet? Maybe you’ve kept a bridesmaid dress you swore you’d wear again but you never have, or maybe you bought a cocktail dress on a whim, even though cocktail parties aren’t a huge part of your life. If there are formal dresses you’ll never wear again, put them in the car and take them to Goodwill, or see if you can give them away and make someone else’s day.

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