Episode 28
Episode 28: Listener Q&A – Finding Morning Routines, Strong Team Members, & Relationship Sparks
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Listener Q&A – Finding Morning Routines, Strong Team Members, & Relationship Sparks

We get a lot of questions over here at Simplified, like how do you find a new team member who’s as excited about your workplace mission as you? Is it possible to find the perfect morning routine—or at least one where you’re not hitting the snooze button five times? How do you keep a relationship with a partner strong for the long haul? This week, Emily’s trying out a brand-new feature on the show: answering some of your most frequently asked questions! From work worries from cultivating strong relationships with our partners and friends, and even with ourselves, today’s episode is like having a good coffee date with a great friend. Have a question for Emily? Leave it in a podcast review, and Emily might answer it in the next Q&A episode!

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

At Simplified, we want to work with women who are passionate about contributing their time to something that they think is really valuable. ” Emily Ley

“Nothing has been as impactful to our company as cultivating kindness and treating each other like friends instead of coworkers, because that's what we are. We're nine friends doing life and work together to serve women who want to simplify their life.” Emily Ley

“I'm so impressed by other women. I am in awe of the way they build businesses, the way they create loving families and heal their communities and find ways to push and grow themselves.” Emily Ley

A Blessing for Your Week

May you find the courage to do things a little bit differently than you have before. 

May you surround yourself with people who are strong and kind and join them to do work that matters to you. 

And may you cultivate a life where you care for yourself and find the peace that comes from living out your highest values. 

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Remember when we were talking about morning routines and energy? I think sometimes we force ourselves to do too much with energy we don’t have. Some people are morning people, some are night owls — it’s just how we’re wired. So this week, I want you to take fifteen minutes to get by yourself and think about when you feel like you’re your best self. When do you have the most energy? When do you get into that state of “flow” when time disappears and you’re solely focused on doing what matters? If you’re looking to add some self-improvement to your day, I think that’s when you should do those things. It may not be the morning for you, and that’s okay! It doesn’t have to be. You get to choose to live your life the way that works best for you, and that’s different for every single person. I promise.

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