Episode 15
Episode 15: How We Plan to Have Fun This Summer (BFF Chat #2)
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How We Plan to Have Fun This Summer (BFF Chat #2)

Summer is one of the *best* times of the year, right? Everything slows down. Everything smells like sunscreen and coconut and sunshine. There’s days in the water and nights with s’mores by the fire. We all have our favorite summertime traditions and routines—but how do other people do it? Who makes the best-fitting shorts? What’s an easy recipe for a weeknight supper or a 4th of July cookout? Do other people keep their kids on summer routines, or let them go with the flow? Emily and her BFF Kristin Winchester trade tips and plans on all things summer (including where they stand on the very important Skinny Jeans vs. Mom Jeans debate of 2021).

 Thought-Provoking Quotes

“If you can just get your kids to four, everything changes. They become more self-sufficient, more independent. Everything is different when they're four.” – Emily Ley 

“I think it's important for me as someone who can be a little bit tight, controlling—and I'm an Enneagram 2 with a very strong 3 wing and a little bit of a 1 perfectionism—I think that I can be like, “Hold tight to this, do this, do this, do this.” And I think that summer's a great time to release a little bit of that and relax it. With that said, I still think some sort of structure is just good for everyone, so we're still going to eat lunch around the same time. We're still going to have rest time and nap time around the same time.” – Kristin Winchester

“A couple years ago, I started doing life lessons with my kids. I would plan one a week, where we focused on something to help them be more independent. We talked about brushing your teeth really well. We watched videos, we practiced together, and I did it with them. We focused on that, on tying your shoes, how to make a sandwich, how to empty the dishwasher—just ways to be a good human.” – Emily Ley 

“Your style is what you like. It's whatever speaks to you.” – Emily Ley 

“I think we get really uncomfortable when somebody else tells us that we're not cool based on what we're wearing, and it becomes a confidence issue, and we get a little bit squirrely. You have to make sure that you're not doing something just because someone else tells you to. Be confident.” - Kristin Winchester, on The Great Mom Jeans vs. Skinny Jeans Debate of 2021 

“Here's the thing: wear whatever pants you want to wear, wear whatever pants make you happy.” - Kristin Winchester

A Blessing for Your Week

I hope the summer sun warms your skin and brings some light to your life. 

I hope you find joy and laughter in all your moments, big or little with your people.

 I hope your friendships grow stronger and deeper each moment you have with one another. 

I hope your summer is filled with a simple, easy love coming from all those around you.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Reach out to your friends and make a summer plan. Maybe you have a cocktail party on the porch, or spend a day at the beach, or just pop into town to get ice cream with your kids. Whatever it is, create some space in your life to nurture your friendships. You'll feel so much better when you just spend time together doing the little things and just doing life together, whatever that looks like for you these days.

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