Episode 134
Episode 134: New Dog Survival Guide
Show Notes

New Dog Survival Guide

Puppies are adorable—and a handful. 🐶 No one knows this better than Emily and her husband Bryan! Emily and Bryan share the hilarious journey of integrating Walter the schnoodle puppy into their family. If you’ve ever had a puppy, you’ll definitely sympathize with Walter’s antics (hide your shoes, you guys). And if you’re thinking about getting a puppy, listen for training wins and fails, and why adding a dog to your family, no matter the size, warms your heart like nothing else.

And to all the cat lovers: you’ll probably feel *very* good about your pet decisions after this episode. 🫠😂

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A Blessing for Your Week

May your furry friends remind you of the softness you carry in your soul.

May they remind you that you weren’t made to work,

That play can be the most restorative part of your day.

May they remind you that sometimes, in the middle of everything, sometimes a good nap solves everything,

And that sometimes, the best moments are with your people, doing extremely ordinary things,

Like an evening on the couch, or sneaking a cookie in the kitchen.

May they remind you to love simply, and wholly, and without abandon,

And that our lives are so much better when we give ourselves over to trust in our people, and to simple joys.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Dog owners: no matter where you are, keep biodegradable poop bags within easy reach.

Whether it’s on your leash, by the front and back doors, in your car, in your purse—that way, whenever you take them out for bathroom breaks, you don’t have to trudge back into your house and go hunt for it later. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

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