Episode 127
Episode 127: Simple Cooking Skills That Boost Flavor + Fun in the Kitchen (with Bri McKoy)
Show Notes

Simple Cooking Skills That Boost Flavor + Fun in the Kitchen (with Bri McKoy)

Calling all cooks and "I'm not a cook but I love to eat" folks! Accidental home cook Bri McKoy (of the beloved Creamy Lemon Chicken + Potato Soup fame) is *back* on the pod, and she's giving us the tools and simple tips we need to make our lives in the kitchen easier—and our recipes even more delicious. Bri's just released a brand-new book called "The Cook's Book," and this week, she and Emily are dishing on easy sauces for weeknight meals, why salt is more important than you think, how to make any kitchen more functional and fun for you and your fam, and how to find joy in the process, even if you don't *love* to cook. 

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A Blessing for Your Week

Blessed be the hands that prepare a meal for someone else,

For they are the true heroes of the day.

Because anyone who would take time out to create love in a saucepan deserves an actual cape.

May the ones who receive your bounty receive it gladly,

And remember how much they are loved and cared for.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

You know how recipes always tell you to “heat your pan to medium-high heat,” but you don’t know exactly how hot the pan needs to be? I’ll give you a rule of thumb: heat the pan until a drop of water forms a ball and sizzles across the pan. That’s what Bri says. And I’ll listen to anything she says about working well in the kitchen.

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