Episode 114
Episode 114: So Many Thoughts on Royal Coronation Style (with Elizabeth Holmes)
Show Notes

So Many Thoughts on Royal Coronation Style (with Elizabeth Holmes)

🇬🇧 What we choose to wear communicates a message: What do we value? And how do we want to present ourselves to the world? This is *especially* true for the British Royal Family, says journalist Elizabeth Holmes. Elizabeth is the brilliant mind behind “So Many Thoughts,” a Substack and Instagram series where she breaks down the messages (and history!) behind what the Royals choose to wear. Ahead of King Charles III’s coronation, Emily and Elizabeth break down how Royal style has evolved over the past generation, why there’s a shortage on tiaras (seriously), and the secrets behind the most iconic looks worn by Diana, Kate, Meghan and more. Whether you’re a history buff, a fashionista or a Royal enthusiast, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

A big part of real life is to be seen and to present oneself.” Elizabeth Holmes

People ask me all the time why I care so much about royal fashion. And I say, I care because they care. Because they put so much thought and effort into getting dressed because it's such an important part of their public lives.” Elizabeth Holmes

“When you see a stranger. Their appearance is the first thing you see about them. And that, of course, includes what they choose to wear. And when you're part of an institution where your job is extremely public and you may not be able to speak freely with words, you can certainly communicate messages through your clothes. Through your clothes, you might have the agency to communicate how you see yourself and your position in the world, or what you wear might communicate that you're part of an institution with certain protocols you have to adhere to. And there are messages that those higher up the ladder wish for you to convey.  That's one thing we've gotten to know over the past few months, right? Clothes aren't really just clothes, especially for the royal family.” Elizabeth Holmes

What Diana did when she stepped onto the scene was she embraced trends in a way that royal fashion simply hadn't before. And certainly the queen did not. And so suddenly it got exciting.” Elizabeth Holmes

A Blessing + Simplicity Tip for Your Week

Guys, today we’re going to end the episode a little differently. I’m just going to leave you with one thing: go watch the coronation! Even if royal style isn’t your thing! It’ll be a historic moment that billions will be watching, and how often do we have collective moments when the world stops to watch something? You’ll be able to tell your grandkids about it. 

Oh, and be on the lookout for the best hats and fascinators. Because nobody wears fancy hats as well as the Brits do.

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