Episode 106
Episode 106: "Halfway Homemade" – Your New Kitchen Time-Saver
Show Notes

"Halfway Homemade" – Your New Kitchen Time-Saver

Let go of "perfect" and say hello to "Halfway Homemade" – the mantra that's going to change your life in the kitchen! Jessa and Laura share the easiest 30-minute meals to make on a busy weeknight (that their kids actually eat!), plus the freezer and pantry must-haves that cut their cooking time in half, and why most kitchen fails can be fixed with a sauce. Because sauce. ✨

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Jessa’s Must-Have Staples That Cut Cooking Time in Half

  • Freezer
        • Fish
        • Shrimp
        • Pre-Cooked Meatballs

  • Pantry
      • Sauces (always spaghetti sauce)
      • Bases (Cream of Chicken, Cream of Mushroom, etc.)
      • Broths (Chicken broth, beef broth, etc)
      • Quick-Cooking Rice Packets
      • Noodles (because kids)


  • Fridge
      • Huge pack of chicken breasts
      • 2 lbs. Ground beef
      • Shredded cheese
      • Greek yogurt (for sauces)

    3 Easy Greek Yogurt Sauces to Up Your Weeknight Game

    • All-Purpose Zingy flavor:  Greek yogurt + Sriracha + lemon juice + salt and pepper.
    • Latin-ish flavor: Greek yogurt + cilantro + lime juice + avocado + Tajin
    • Herby ranch-ish flavor:  Greek yogurt + half a ranch seasoning packet + dill + pepper

    A Blessing for Your Week

    On the busy Tuesdays,

    When your attention is sliced and diced

    As much as the onions on your cutting board,

    May you be blessed to remember that 

    Love does not equal Julia Child’s beef bourguignon

    Or Ina Garten’s good vanilla.


    Love is scooping piping hot Hamburger Helper into bowls for hungry eaters,

    With Betty Crocker waiting in the wings with dessert.


    It sounds like “Jello” 

    followed by “Instant chocolate pudding”

    when someone has a bad day.


    Love is not measured by the effort in the kitchen

    But by the hands that have served and given their time to someone else.

    Simplicity Tip of the Week

    More garlic is usually better, but peeling it is a pain.

    So do yourself a favor, and buy the bag of pre-peeled garlic. You’re welcome.

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