Episode 104
Episode 104: Building My Own Home Has Been . . . an Adventure
Show Notes

Building My Own Home Has Been . . . an Adventure

What's it *really* like to build your own home? After selling her house via text (yep, really) and beginning to build her forever home with her family on the lake they love, co-host Laura knows. And she's here, along with Jessa, to share her best tips for creating the home of your dreams (while avoiding the same "fun" surprises she encountered along the way).

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A Blessing for Your Week

No matter where you call home,

I hope it fills you with peace and comfort.

I hope you make memories with joy and laughter,

And find a soft place to land on the hardest days.

I hope you find an abundance of

warm cups of tea, a favorite new series to stream, 

a space to dream, and a whole lot of love.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

If you dream of building your own home—or even buying or renting!—it's never too early to start saving and clipping and interesting and just organizing your ideas, even if this is a dream that you have or it's something that's over five years away. It's never too early to start documenting your ideas and organizing all of the inspiration that's out there. 

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