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Simplified Planner Praise

Stephanie Sterjovski
The Simplified Planner has been an integral tool in helping me juggle two businesses. Not only is it functional for all of my professional deliverables, but it encourages me to make a time cushion for all of the other important tasks and people in my life. The quotes on each page fire me up and convict me to live with intention for the day! // SS Print Shop and StephanieSterjovski.com
Gina Zeidler
My Simplified Planner is essential for me to feel peaceful and calm! I use my SP to visualize my next day. Each evening I sit down, pull out my ical and actually write the next day out. It helps me remember all the little things I need to pack, prepare and plan! Such a blessing this little beauty is! // Photographer, Mentor, and Mama
Rhiannon Bosse
Managing my time effectively and being the best servant of the hours I have in each day is hard to do without my Simplified Planner. Seeing my day-to-day schedule, my entire month (and year!) in one place, that I can tangibly touch and make a mess of, is helpful for making sure I don't overbook myself or spread myself too thin. Supporting a brand like Emily Ley, that stands for the same virtues I value, is important when I invest in a system to help me manage my year in the best way possible. Managing our lives can often be a complicated process but not with a Simplified Planner, and for that I'm grateful. // Hey Gorgeous Events and Mama
Courtney Whitmore
The Simplified Planner is my go-to for keeping life, business, motherhood, and everything in between all in "order" so I have more time for my family! It's so nice to feel organized so that I can spend time enjoying the little things in life, thanks in large part to my Simplified Planner! I don't go a day without having it by my side! // Pizzazzerie.com, Author, and Mama
Jacin Fitzgerald
It seems like I am always on the go; I have a constant sense of wanderlust and am so thankful my job allows me to travel and explore. I love my Simplified Planner because it's small enough to stash in my bag, but the pages have enough room for me to add (and keep track of) all my to-do lists and upcoming events. As a business owner, it's hard to "power down" on the weekends because it always feels as though there are things that need to be done, but my Simplified Planner helps me prioritize everything by my own schedule so that I can stick to my office hours, get those things done, and truly unwind on the weekends off with my husband, family, and friends. That downtime is what fuels me to be a better planner, stylist, and floral designer for my clients, and just as importantly, it fuels me to be a better wife, daughter, and friend, too. It's the little things that matter, and my Simplified Planner helps to remind me of that on a weekly basis. :) // Jacin Fitzgerald Events
Anna Argiropoulous
As an obsessed "list maker," I was forever in search of the perfect planner.  I would spend hours looking in all the local stores for something what would fit my schedule, to-dos & all the other busy, but beautiful, things life brings.  Needless to say, I never found one that fit "just right" until I found Emily's Simplified Planner! The Simplified Planner is my little secret weapon.  I would be completely lost without it!  It keeps me organized & helps me stay on top of my business! I recommend this planner to everyone. // Annawithlove Photography
Madison Hofmeyer
As a busy wife, new momma, friend, and working woman, my time is valuable, and most days I feel like there isn't enough time in the day. Sitting down with my Simplified Planner helps me plan and prioritize each week so that I can make time for what matters. // Espresso & Cream Blogger and Mama
Kate Kirby
As the editor of two magazines, my schedule is bonkers, and keeping post-its all over my desk just isn’t the best way to stay organized. I love the little places in the Simplified Planner for happy memories and notes and how it reminds me to “relax and recharge” on Sundays— I need that little reminder every week! // Editor-in-Chief of Mini Magazine
Ashley Lastovica
I have spent a lot of the past few years trying to get organized. Adding school and activities for the kiddos into my schedule, while running a household and a business, has been a juggle, and that is where planners come in. I have tried a few and would feel stressed and anxious each time I opened them. Who wants to feel stressed about what they're NOT doing when opening up their planners?! Not me! The Simplified Planner is truly what it claims to be. It is a planner that is simple, and that is what I love about it! It is (and will always be) my favorite way to keep track of our days! // Fancy Ashley Blogger and Mama
Casi Densmore-Koon
As a Mom of 5, the Simplified Planner is the one and only thing that keeps me sane. Being an entrepreneur, I often wear many hats, and my Simplified Planner helps keep me completely organized. My love affair with Emily Ley's Simplifed Planner is more of an obsession. I can't survive a day without it! It truly is revolutionary in my world and every moms' must-have. It makes checking off my to-do list fun! // Founder and Editor of Cupcake Magazine
Liz Adams
I am a to-do list addict. My absolute favorite planner is Emily Ley's Simplified Planner.  Trust me when I say the pages and organizational features in these planners are the best. // Sequins & Stripes blogger 
Valerie Petersen
I’ve tried different brands the past few years—everything from the standard ones to custom designed planners.  And since I literally use my planner multiple times every day, I consider it an investment in keeping me organized, and I’m willing to pay a bit more.  It's worth it to keep my sanity! // The Style Files Blogger
Kayse Pratt

I have long been on a search for the perfect planner. A good planner is worth it’s weight in gold (or maybe more), in my opinion, because it seriously makes a difference in the way our days go. And the way our days go make a difference in how our life goes. My planner obsession is no secret. At the beginning of every year, I even gather a bunch of today's most popular planners and post reviews.  I absolutely adore Emily Ley's Simplified Planner.  Using it daily has brought a structure and rhythm to our days at home that wasn’t there before. // The Only Hope I've Got Blogger and Planner Reviewer 



Nicole Feliciano

It's clean. It's pretty. It's something you can leave on your desk to get inspired and write all your notes down in. I do love digital, but going paperless is fantastic. You really need to see everything on paper to see if you're over scheduled or over planned. // CEO, Momtrends


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