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Thanks for your interest in the Simplified Planner App! The technology world has been quite the adventure for us paper gals! When we decided to bring the simplicity of our Simplified Planner to your iPhone, we knew it'd be a journey! But if anyone is up for the challenge, we are! After implementing our two-way sync function between iCal, we decided to rework the code of the app to make it rock solid with its new functionality (and to prevent pesky crashes!) While we make these tweaks, we're making some pretty new design changes too! Please see our up-to-date timeline below for the most recent updates! We expect the Simplified Planner App to be available again in early September. 


  •   July - August: Feedback drawn from users. Edits begin.
  •   August 12: Initial edits approved.
  •   August 22: Code updated to fix any bugs and crashes. Testing begins.
  •   August 25: Summary screen design changes approved.
  •   August 31: Final design and functionality changes are approved.
  •   September 1: Update submitted to Apple. Expected to be available in the App Store in 10-14 days.

Upcoming plans:


  •   Android version
  •   iPad version
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