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I'm Emily Ley -- wife, mom to three (Brady, Tyler & Caroline - twins!), author, and designer. I created this brand in 2008 as a frazzled, overwhelmed working mom thirsty for a fresh start. I desperately craved a life that was simpler, less frantic, and more full of the good stuff. In a world that's constantly busy, Simplified® stands on the idea that there is more to life than being endlessly busy and always overwhelmed. Our mission is to inspire and empower women with the tools they need to declutter, organize, and simplify their lives. With a little intention, joy and simplicity can be found in the mess, in the journey, and sometimes in between the third and fourth loads of laundry -- a place I know quite well.


Here, you'll find tools to help you simplify your home, your family, and your life. On social media and on our blog, you'll also find inspiration and ideas for decluttering distractions and organizing what matters most. In my bestselling books, Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life, you'll find stories from my own life as well as tactical tips for intentional living.


Our cornerstone product, The Simplified Planner® has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women around the world with its minimal and meaningful pages. We hope you'll take a look around, connect with us, and join our Simplified Community for more inspiration. Our newest Simplified Planners will launch Wednesday, May 2 at 10am EST. Sign up here to be notified.





Have questions? Contact Dusty at hello@emilyley.com. 

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