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Books: A Standard of Grace

A Standard of Grace

A Standard of Grace A Guided Journal

Are you standing in the middle of opportunity and being overwhelmed of crazy when you really need calm? Not sure where to start to simplify and bring grace and peace to your home? A Standard of Grace is a gorgeous four-color, joy-inspiring guided journal designed to help you nurture your dreams, discover your hopes, and pay attention to those things you hold dearest to your heart. With quotes, journaling prompts, and Scripture, bestselling author of Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life Emily Ley, encourages you to reach for the life of you want—all while holding to a standard of grace.

Both gorgeous and useful, A Standard of Grace will make a lovely gift and keepsake as well as be a powerful tool for both embracing where you are while reaching for your goals and dreams. Through practical, easy-to-follow prompts for journaling and reflection, Scriptures, and inspiring imagery, you'll find an accessible, inspirational journal that to enjoy personally and to share with friends.
A Standard of Grace

An excerpt

God is pouring grace on us every day, abundantly and without restraint. So, sister, if God is giving us so much grace, why on earth aren’t we having a little more grace with ourselves? Why are we running ourselves ragged trying to measure up? This rat race of ours exhausting. And it’s really easy to feel like a hamster in a wheel chasing an impossible glossy-magazine standard we’ve set for ourselves. Grace, and only grace, offers us a way to step off that wheel—a deep breath, a place to rest, and the opportunity to slow down and savor what truly matters.

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