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A Note from Emily


Hi there!


I'm so glad you're here. Shortly after the most transformational day of my life - the day I became a mama - I found myself pacing circles around my house cradling my newborn baby boy in one arm, trying to take client calls with my phone wedged between my cheek and my shoulder all while attempting to sooth a tired baby. My steps were heavy after another sleepless night but my heart was heavier. As a creative, driven and passionate woman, I wanted to do it all. Surely I could have a made-from-scratch dinner on the table at six while running my company with one hand and rocking my sweet baby with the other ALL in six inch heels with perfectly curled hair - right? I mean… everyone else was doing it? Perfection was what I chased and frustration, disappointment and heartache was what it got me. It was that day that I tearfully spilled my heart to a friend, decided enough was enough and committed to holding myself to a standard of grace not perfection.


As my new-mama heart began to feel more and more confident in our new normal I realized that joy is truly found in the journey - not necessarily at the destination. And that if I worried so much about “getting it right” and “making it perfect,” I’d miss out on the best moments of life - the moments of pure, imperfect bliss found in the white space of our days. For years I’d packed my schedule and overdrawn my to-do list. Now that my heart had been completely stolen by all that is good in the world, I knew I had to make a change by simplifying my days and refocusing my efforts. From that point forward, I devoted my creative energies towards tools that empower and encourage women like myself to do just that.



The Simplified Planner has changed and evolved in many ways since its creation. Birthed from many incredible and challenging experiences as a new mom, wife, entrepreneur, daughter and friend, the Simplified Planner brings together five key elements (calendar, to-do, notes, dinner and inspiration) to give women a clean start every day. Year after year, as I’ve poured my heart and my own days into these pages they’ve been refined to a simple, succinct and refreshing design. 


Steadily, an incredible community of women has formed around the idea that simple is better and that what truly matters in life deserves our daily attention. From shipping out of my dining room with my toddler pressing “YAY” stickers to the outside of each box to a team of incredible women managing worldwide distribution and serving hundreds of retail outlets and thousands of passionate women around the world - It’s been my honor for the Simplified Planner to be welcomed into so many homes and families. 



Now, as a mama to three little ones, wife to my handsome college crush and owner of this labor-of-love brand - it’s my biggest dream and prayer that the Simplified Planner truly makes a difference in your life. My favorite stories to hear from customers are that they put their Simplified Planner to good use - got it messy, found scribbles on its pages from little crayon wielding hands, filled it with post its and notes and stickers and allowed it to turn their attention from the busy of life to the people who really matter most. They made the good stuff happen within its pages and that, my friends, fills my heart to its brim. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your lives.




copyright 2017 emily ley