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Production 101

Playbook Masterclass



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Production 101

Playbook Masterclass


This is a video course and (NEW!) printed Production 101 book that will be shipped to you. Included in the book is a link and password to the course video.

Are you struggling and overwhelmed with the production process? Production is one of the most complex, complicated processes to figure out in business. Beginning with a printer down the street, I've worked with manufacturers all over the United States and, eventually, in multiple countries overseas. Though there are many differences between domestic and foreign manufacturing, the process is very much the same. In Production 101, we'll explore the pros and cons of producing your product in the USA or overseas, we'll learn about developing a production calendar that will guide you throughout the year, and we'll dig into the details of my 12-Step Production Process. (30-page PRINTED, hard copy course book and 30-minute instructional video).

Included in this 30-page workbook and 30-minute instructional video:

  • 30-page printed workbook
  • Domestic vs. International Production
  • The Perfect Production Calendar
  • The 12-Step Production Process:
  • 1. Research + development
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Sourcing
  • 4. Comparing quotes
  • 5. Selecting a manufacturer
  • 6. Sampling
  • 7. Proofing
  • 8. Deposit paid
  • 9. Advance samples ship
  • 10. Mass production
  • 11. Balance paid
  • 12. Goods delivered
  • Manufacturer's Log Sheet
  • Manufacturer's Email
  • Proofing Checklist
  • Glossary of Production Terms
  • Production Calendar Template

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