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The Well-Loved Brand Playbook Masterclass

featured: The Well-Loved Brand Playbook Masterclass COVER

The Well-Loved Brand Playbook Masterclass COVER

The Well-Loved Brand Playbook Masterclass COVER The Well-Loved Brand Playbook TABLE OF CONTENTS The Well-Loved Brand Playbook INSIDE PAGES The Well-Loved Brand Playbook WORKSHEET

The Well-Loved Brand Playbook Masterclass


This is a video course and (NEW!) printed Well-Loved Brand workbook that will be shipped to you. Included in the book is a link and password to the course video.

The Well-Loved Brand is our most advanced, comprehensive business and branding piece. Included is a 60-minute instructional video from Emily Ley, created as a strategic guide through your new (hard copy!) 100-page PRINTED, interactive, educational workbook. Throughout your workbook, with Emily's coaching, you will explore the pieces of The Well-Loved Brand: clear, powerful messaging; simple, beautiful visuals; stellar deliverables; incredible customer experiences; targeted marketing efforts; and streamlined back-end business.

Using these concepts, we'll dig into your own brand (be it a brand new idea or a well-established company) and evaluate, revamp, and refresh every tiny corner of your business. The Well-Loved Brand is not a hobby business. The well-loved brand supports its owner's lifestyle (and not the other way around). It is rooted in heart, quality, and has a viral persona. If you're ready to do the work, The Well-Loved Brand is a perfect masterclass for you. Scroll through the images to the left to find a full outline of The Well-Loved Brand table of contents.

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