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Heavenly Baby, Baby Book, Page Pack

Price: $20.00 QTY:
Price: $20.00 QTY:
100% of profits from the sale of the Heavenly Baby Page Pack will be gifted to The Aaden Sage Birthday Project to help bring joy and hope to all mamas as they capture and keep the tiny, special memories of their little ones. Every child's story is special. Our Baby Book Page Packs fit perfectly inside your EL Baby Book and give you the space and prompts to tell your child's unique story. Our Baby Book Page Packs include both new pages and replacement pages based on the pages that might be on the backs or fronts of the pages you will likely remove from your EL Baby Book. Our Baby Book Page Packs complete your baby book with all the pages needed to tell your child's special story. 
The Heavenly Baby Page Pack was created in partnership with Ashlee Proffitt in honor and memory of her sweet little boy, Aaden Sage. The Heavenly Baby Page Pack includes 10 special pages (front and back), created with love, including:
•   Our favorite memories
•   We'll always remember (pt. 1)
•   We'll always remember (pt. 2)
•   Your heavenly birthday
•   Special people
•   A celebration of your life
•   Page for photos and moments
•   2 pages for the first year remembering
•   2 pages for the second year remembering
•   2 pages for the third year remembering
•   2 pages for the fourth year remembering
•   2 pages for the fifth year remembering
•   2 pages for photos and momentos
•   Your story
A special note from Ashlee: The fear of any mother who has ever lost a child is that the life of their precious baby will be forgotten. Forgotten by their friends, by their family, by the world. And even more so, every mother who has ever lost a child fears that she too will forget all those teeny, tiny, seemingly insignificant, but amazing details that she never thought to write down or capture... because she thought she had a lifetime of memories to make, not weeks or days or minutes. I wanted to remember everything about my son. Every single detail. I wish I had begun writing the moment I knew he was gone so that right now, in this moment, I could tell you all those things about him I thought I would never forget. He had my toes and his eyes could pierce your soul. He just smelled so good -- that absolutely perfect baby smell. His first night home was an epic disaster that I will be forever grateful for because it meant I held him all night long... hours I still long for. Having a space to capture those memories and moments and all the teeny, tiny and seemingly insignificant details is a gift that will bring joy and hope to all mamas for lifetimes.

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