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Hi friends! Launch Day is just THREE days away! We are SO. EXCITED. to finally launch our 2019 Simplified Planners! Here is a quick run down of what's launching, tips for Launch Day, and upcoming fun events -- all leading up to September 5 at 10am EDT!

What's launching?
Will there be a Simplified Planner Bundle option?

Yes! We will be launching a Simplified Planner Bundle! You'll be able to choose between a Daily Edition Bundle and a Weekly Edition Bundle. Your bundle will include your choice of Simplified Planner (Dapperdesk not included), one Mini Notebook, one Sticker Pack (Sticker Book not included), one Paper Clip Set, one Page Marker, one Stretchy Band Set, one pen (or pen set). The Daily Simplified Planner Bundle is $115 and the Weekly Simplified Planner Bundle is $105. AND all orders over $100 will ship free (via ground shipping) in the U.S. (Notes: Dapperdesk is not included in the bundle. The Sticker Book is also not included in the bundle).

How fast will the Simplified Planners sell out?

We do our absolute best to predict inventory and have just enough for everyone. But our planners have been compared to Taylor Swift tickets. (Haha! The best compliment)! So they do go fast! Be sure to be online at 10am EDT ready to go on September 5.

Any tips for Launch Day?

Yes! Here is your Launch Day tip list:

  • Go to and create an account. Write your username / password down so that you can easily login on Launch Day.
  • Be sure you're on our newsletter list. We will let you know the minute they go live!
  • On Tuesday evening, our team will take our website down to begin getting the shop ready for the big day. If you visit during this time, you will see a spot for a password. That is for our team to access the site. You WILL NOT need a password to access the site once we've launched.
  • Watch walkthrough videos of the Daily Edition and Weekly Edition here. (Note: the Academic Editions are shown in these videos, but the only differences between these and the 2019 Editions launching this week are the dates. Academic Editions are dated August - July. 2019 Editions are dated January - December). 
Tell me all the fun things happening during Launch Week!

Have you chosen your 2019 Simplified Planner? 
Happy Stripe
Happy Stripe® is our signature design. We love classic, bold color, but we've wondered over the years exactly why we love Happy Stripe SO much. And, as it turns out, this ROYGBIV-esque pattern is the perfect, organized lineup of our favorites. It'll always be a team favorite.
Blue Tile
Our Blue Tile pattern is actually a compilation of some of our brand elements. If you look carefully, you'll see the top of our signature pineapple, little zig-zag shapes mimicking the sides of a pineapple, and a classic quatrefoil shape that's actually a nod to my earlier days as a wedding invitation designer (ten years ago!). It was the shape featured on a bestselling envelope liner pattern.
Watercolor Floral
As we rounded the corner on our ten-year anniversary, I found myself a little thirsty for movement, flexibility, and feminine whimsy amongst our more structured designs. For our Watercolor Floral pattern, we worked hand-in-hand with artist Jessa Brayy (not knowing she'd later become a part of our team!). Together, we created a look that included signature elements from our brand (you'll see our pineapples as tiny buds, as well as fluid versions of our wreath leaves throughout) but felt a bit soft-around-the-edges compared to some of our other designs.
Mint Pineapple
Our Mint Pineapple design just makes me so happy. I've loved pineapples since before this brand ever existed. They are the traditional symbol for Southern hospitality and make me think of relaxation, rest, and my favorite place in the world: Pensacola Beach. I love how playful this pattern is when paired with the structured layout of the design. This one is sure to be a favorite.
Navy Dot
We originally released the Navy Dot pattern in early 2014. It was this specific pattern and color way that won Best New Product at the National Stationery Show. I nearly fell over when the big blue ribbon was placed on the corner of our Navy Dot Simplified Planner. It represented so many risks taken, hopes believed in, and dreams come true. It will always be one of my favorite designs, thanks to its classic pin-dot pattern, timeless navy / kelly green pairing, and the special place it holds in my heart.
Thin Happy Stripe
The Thin Happy Stripe design is a nod to one of our very first Simplified Planner covers. The thin lines are classic and polished while the happy stripe color repetition gives the pattern just a hint of, well, happiness! This particular pattern is perfect for the gal who wants a bit of classic with a bit of fun.

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