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Sisters. This message has been on my heart all weekend.

I have great news.

You don’t have to be anything MORE than you are right now. In fact, you don’t have to be anything different than you are right now. Contrary to what the ENTIRE internet and all of your friends are saying, you don’t have to be more organized, thinner, prettier, calmer, better. The world we live in has bred, in us, an insatiable need to be MORE. And Grace swoops in right there… right in the middle of our stressed out, overwhelmed mess… and says “You know what. You’re great. You are good enough. Right where you are right now. Put down the mirror. Stop organizing the pantry. Quit mindlessly scrolling on your phone checking up on everyone else. Take a breath. You’re good. You are worthy. You are exactly who I hoped you’d be right now.” In a world where we’re all constantly striving to be more… be less. I think often of my friend Jess Connolly saying, “God… take me out of the running.”


Every year around Simplified Planner launch time, I inevitably start to think really hard about what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. And this year, with our launch 2 days away, I feel like I’m entering a new season of life. I haven’t felt this way, pre-launch, before. In the past, I’ve felt very ambitious, energized, and excited. But this year, as I really feel like I’m entering a different season of life, I feel really still. I feel really confident in the ways God is using the Simplified Planner — ways that are totally outside my own two hands. I’ve used a SP for four years now, but never as much as I have since August 1 of this year. Perhaps that is because I have three young children now or perhaps it is because I’m learning to rely better on the tools around me, rather than on myself so much. Regardless, I see society and women in general — after the general onslaught of small creative businesses (to which many of you belong) and the overall RACE to perfection our generation is feeling — begin to take a breath. 

Try it. A deep one.

Feels good, huh? I feel like we are starting to see the bigger picture – no matter our season of life. We’re tired. We’re exhausted. We’re straight up worn out. We’re ready for a break but there isn’t a week long vaca on a tropical island in our future. Slowing down is about so much more than just quitting a few things or getting a few more hours of sleep. No. This shift is existential and its in our bones. It’s time. We’re looking for magic solutions, but the truth is – the good life lies in our own hearts. The solution is in every decision we make, every minute, of every day. It starts with one big decision and extends from there. It’s in how we take care of ourselves, how we create white space in our days, and how we choose slow over busy every day.

It’s funny how much I need my own message. And this is why I do what I do. I care so deeply about this. The Simplified Planner has become a movement that has little to do with me as the creator of it anymore. And for that, I am so proud. I’m proud of every women who has picked one up and spilled her life into it. I’m proud of (and so grateful for) the countless friends and team members who have joined together, many times at my house, to pack boxes and love on our community. I’m proud of every single women who, with or without a Simplified Planner, is slowing down, taking a breather, and letting herself off the hook a little. Yes.

Perfection is suffocating. Perfection is impossible. Perfection makes us empty.

Grace is freeing. Grace is hopeful. Grace is full, sweet, and nourishing.

And so begins one of the busiest seasons of my life: Simplified Planner / Fall Collection launch (Wednesday at 10am EDT) and, one month later, my first book – my precious book baby – is released into the world. Grace, Not Perfection releases October 11. I’d love for you to get involved and help further this mission.

  • Sign up for our Grace, Not Perfection Thunderclap
  • Say a prayer for the six incredible women on my team who will be helping me manage Launch Day
  • Join us tomorrow at noon for a Pre-Launch Party on Facebook Live (we’ll be showing all the new products, talking about my own Simplified Planner system / routine, and giving away a SP bundle!)
  • I would love your prayers, as I embark on my own season of slower, less, and sweeter… and I’ll be praying for you also. : )




PS: I had the best time doing a podcast with Jesus Calling. I shared a bit about my own faith journey and what brought me to the idea of “Grace, Not Perfection.” It’s over on iTunes now – 12 minutes long and totally free. Listen here.

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