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The 2012 Simplified Planners are HERE! They are gorgeous if I may say so myself! I’m so thrilled to share these photos of my own planner here along with a contest to win TWO 2012 Planners to be given away on New Years Eve (one for you, one for a friend!)

I like to think I’m an “early adopter” of everything techy – I am always looking for solutions to make life easier and many times those are computer based. But after trying to manage an iCal for years (and finding it frustratingly easy to ignore) I decided I’m just a paper and pencil planner type of girl. But I couldn’t use just any planner – they weren’t pretty – so I didn’t want to carry them everywhere, oddly small and hard to write in and included a lot of features I just didn’t need.

I designed the Simplified Planner to “have” everything other planners don’t have and some of the best features of planners I’ve used in the past. As a Mom, I love how pretty and functional these features are, and as a business woman, I love how organized and structured these features help me balance many plates spinning in the air at once.

Personalized Cover: I absolutely love this cover. It’s pretty, personalized and simple. The colors are bright and fresh (seven to choose from!)

Spiral bound: Some of the prettiest planners I’ve used have been “perfect bound” meaning they have a nice flat binding. Pretty, but inefficient. I could never flatten the planner out enough to write on the inner portions of the pages. The Simplified Planner is spiral bound so that it lays flat and allows you to see everything all at once.

Oversized pages: Each inner page measures 9 x 11 inches allowing maximum writing space within each of the sections. The planner itself measures about 10 x 12 inches including the cover.

Month and week views: I like to see my week all at once, so each week view features days segmented into AM, LUNCH, PM and DINNER. This is how I think about my day.

Goal, Focus and Heart boxes: On the month view, there are special boxes for a monthly goal, focus and heart note. For instance: (Goal: No cell phones after 5pm at home, Focus: Eat cleaner and drink more water, Heart: Take Brady to the aquarium). The Heart box is my favorite – it’s one random act of kindness or special memory you want to do/create this month.

Back section: Long Term To-Do: There are “to-do” or “notes” sections within each week view, but I always find myself remembering some long term to-do that I have or goal I’d like to make with no place to write it, within this planner there is a space for that. Fill these pages as a reminder of the big plans you’re making.

Back section: Wish List: This is quite funny : ) When I’m asked at the end of the year what I’d like for Christmas, I can NEVER remember. Now I won’t forget! Ok, that’s part of the reason for this section, but really the Wish List is intended to be a place where your family makes goals for future purchases. Perhaps you’d like to save for a new kitchen table (Oh I’m dying for this…) This is the place you’ll make those notes.

Back section: 100 in One Year: This is one of my favorite features of the Simplified Planner. This is a section for you to fill out early in the year with goals big and small. This will become a feature here on this blog with my own 100 in One Year list. Stay tuned.

Back section: Important Numbers: This section is designed simple and clean – without all the extra sections that clutter standard contact lists. Because I keep my friends and family numbers in my iPhone, this is the place I’ll list our tree trimming company, etc – important numbers I wouldn’t necessarily keep in my phone.

I’m so thrilled at the success of these planners. Over 100 have been ordered so far. To purchase your own Simplified Planner, visit the Emily Ley Pop Up Shop.


Enter to win TWO Simplified Planners to be given away on New Years Eve – one for you and one for a friend! There are a few ways to enter

To enter: There are three ways to enter:

  1. Follow me on Twitter for updates on my own monthly progress with this planner: @EmilyLey on Twitter and leave a SEPARATE comment with your Twitter handle letting me know.
  2. Link to this giveaway in your Facebook status! Make sure you tag Emily Ley Paper so that I can see you did so, and then leave a SEPARATE comment letting me know!
  3. Leave a separate comment below with your #1 New Years goal. What are you going to make happen in 2012?

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