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Hello, hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We braved POTTY TRAINING WEEKEND at my house (more on this adventure later) and had fun being home with each other. Somewhere along the way I looked at Brady and realized he is a little boy. He’s not a baby and yes, he is a toddler. But he’s becoming a little boy. An all grown up little boy. Oh, be still my heart.

We have a really big, exciting week ahead. Our three part Making Brands Happen Webinar Series has been on FIRE this year! So many of you are so fired up to make what matters happen in life and in business. It makes my heart so EXCITED for what this year holds. In fact, SO excited…. that I’m giving away a SEAT to the last of our three part series! Best news is… the winner will also receive video replays of the first two webinars! (Setting Yourself Up for Success and Powerful Branding) The third in our series is my absolute favorite. Building a seamless, rich, impactful client experience is what builds brand loyalty and ULTIMATELY lasting success in business.

Here’s how this giveaway is going to work. Are you ready? It’s a FAST giveaway! You have from now until tomorrow (TUESDAY) at NOON EST to enter. This is an Instagram giveaway. Making things happen in business is about making what MATTERS happen in life. So we want to know what MATTERS most to you. None of this other stuff is important if you don’t have your eyes and your heart set on what MATTERS MOST. Post a photo on Instagram of what matters most to you. Tag @Powerfulbrand and let us know you’re entering to win a seat to our Client Experience webinar on Wednesday. We’ll choose a winner at random and announce the name tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon.

REGISTER HERE! We are just so excited for this last webinar! And don’t forget, it’s not too late to register for ALL THREE! Anyone who registers for all three webinars now (save $50 by registering for all three) will receive video replays of the first two. It’s not too late!

And… the winner will also get one of these black and gold WHAT MATTERS prints from our shop. I’m over the moon about them. I’ve already framed one of both of these in our home. Now available at







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