Show Notes

Our Great Day Plates have been WILDLY popular lately as back to school time approaches! Celebrate your little one’s great days with a personalized Great Day Plate™! Each plate is 10 x 10 and is personalized just for them. For a limited time, our Great Day Plates are only $20!

And… share it to win it! Facebook, Tweet, Pin or Instagram the graphic above and be entered to win your very own Great Day Plate! The winner will be chosen tomorrow (Thursday) at 4pm EST. Leave a comment here to let us know where you’ve shared it and we’ll choose the winner at random! (Hint: there are four ways to enter [above] so the more you share, the better your chances!)

Happy Back to School time! 



UPDATE: Congrats to Emily Hansel!! Emily’s our winner! Emily, check your inbox! : )

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