Show Notes

I know, I know! You all loved the town that used to be in my header here. I loved it too. So much. But over the past few months, I’ve been simplifying life so much, I decided it was time to let go of so many projects, so many ideas and so many “irons in the fire” and just BE. So here we are. Just a pretty pattern (that’ll change from time to time to mimic what’s happening in the shop).

You see, I’ve been thinking so much about the concept of SIMPLIFYING. The Simplified Planner™ isn’t just an awesome day planner. It’s a way of life. A way of thinking. A difficult but LIBERATING one at that. So that’s where this change was born…

See, before Brady was born, I had all kinds of ideas of things I was going to do, dreams I was going to chase, and it wasn’t until Making Things Happen this past Spring when I realized… I’m good. I’m good right where I am. I’m a Mom. I’m a designer with a little shop that’s growing like KUDZOO. I coach young designers and build powerful brands with Making Brands Happen. Viola. As a pregnant almost-mama, I envisioned tackling every big dream I ever had all while balancing an iPhone in one hand, a baby on my hip and rocking five inch heals.


You know what? All those little things just don’t matter. What matters is family. God. My amazing friends and my work as a designer and teacher. The end. So no more beautiful town (illustrated by the unbelievably talented Ashley Brooke Quintana of Ashley Brook Designs). No more spread-too-thin Emily. Just an Emily who simplifies and focuses on what matters most. The end.

(that hair, I die)



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