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Gracious. Last week absolutely blew my mind. I can’t count the number of moments Gina Hafley and I sat and just stared at each other so overwhelmed and excited over the release of our brand spankin’ new Simplified Planner. It’s a funny feeling… to know you took a risk for what matters… you followed your heart… and it worked.

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I’ve never documented the hilarity of the palettes arriving at my house (oh yes, I work from home). So this year, I made sure to get some photos of the big day.

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Sarah and Gina and I pulling the first planners out of the boxes. :)

It’s important to me that, as this brand grows, we stay small. Small enough for us to always have Fridays off. Small enough for me to have the flexibility to drop work for a day and snuggle on the couch with a sick kiddo. Small enough for me to be able to write notes on every box that leaves our door (Yes, my hand hurts! But it’s worth it!) It’s a funny thing to grow and be fiercely focused on what matters most at the same time. But I started this little brand with a stack of Crane Lettra and a Pantone swatch book in the same office I work into today. I’m grateful to not be doing it alone anymore. I literally used to design wedding invitations, print them on my printer, cut them down, line the envelopes, box them up and take them up to FedEx to send them out to my brides (at 2am before leaving for my “real job” at 7am). Many paper cuts (and a lot of changes) after I started this brand five years ago, I hired my first employee and today Gina and Sarah are my right hand gals. I’m so grateful for the way they are fiercely committed to the vision of this brand also. We stood in my driveway as the palettes arrived on Wednesday, surrounded in boxes, and together made the decision to order another batch of Simplified Planners. It wasn’t an easy decision though. We had a long talk about sticking to our core, but deciding to take another risk and grow. I’m so endlessly grateful for them. This is Gina below trucking in orders from the Simplified Planner release day. And the first shot of the planners inside the boxes! :)


It’s Sunday, now, and I’m getting ready for our Pensacola Trunk Show. I’m nervous and excited for tonight and can’t wait to hug so many old and new friends. It still blows my mind that many of you are driving in from out of town. Safe travels, everyone, and best wishes to everyone else for a wonderful week ahead. Thank you for your love and support while we stay core to the unique and special core of our brand. This Simplified Planner is a solid little piece of my heart and I can’t wait to put them in so many hands next week.



PS: A little Instagram image for you below if you’d like to share! :) Please remember to credit @ShayCochrane for the beautiful image! :)


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