Show Notes

Vol. 84

Happy Friday! Here are ten things that have brought us a little bit of joy this week:

  1. Sam and Scout’s Simplified Planner Review: Our friend, Elizabeth, gave the sweetest review of her SP over on her blog. She’s giving you a look inside her Simplified Planner and answering the most common questions she gets about the SP. Hop on over to read the full post!
  2. Hurricane Irma Fundraiser: We’ve created a printable to help raise money for victims of hurricane Irma. 100% of the proceeds from these prints will be donated to Convoy of Hope’s relief efforts.
  3. Simplified Planner Launch: Last week, we launched our NEW Simplified Planners! Our weeklies sold out faster than we could have ever imagined, but they’ll be back in stock in mid-November! Sign up on the product page to be notified when they’re available.
  4. Pineapple Clutch: The cutest pineapple clutch (and it’s on sale!). We’re dying to get our hands on one of these.
  5. Quick and Easy Apple Tart: The most delicious recipe for fall! This recipe is simple enough for anyone to make, so you won’t spend all day in the kitchen, and your little ones can help, too.
  6. Scalloped Crops: Navy crops with a scalloped edge? These pants make any workout a little more fun!
  7. Pocket Umbrella: We’re always looking for a cute umbrella to keep in our car or purse. We love this one, and it’s on sale!
  8. Colorful Doodle Stickers: You asked, we listened! Our Colorful Doodle Stickers are now available to be purchased separately as a set. Get yours today!
  9. Capri Blue Pumpkin: Capri Blue candles are our very favorite, and their pumpkin scent is now available for fall. It’s a must-have!
  10. Our September Playlist: Listen along with us all month long! We’ve made the perfect playlist to get you ready for fall.

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