Show Notes

Vol. 62

photo via @whitv

Happy Friday! Here are ten things that brought us a little bit of joy this week:

  1. MayDesigns’ Folios: Our friends over at MayDesigns launched a new product, and we couldn’t be more excited about them! Their new folios are made of gorgeous, genuine leather and hold up to four Maybooks, so you can store them all in one safe place.
  2. EL + MayDesigns Notebooks: Speaking of MayDesigns, have you seen the Emily Ley Maybooks available on their site? Our favorite Maybooks in the Simplified Planner covers that we all know and love (they fit right inside the Simplified Planner, too!).
  3. Lasagna Roll-Ups: This meal is toddler-approved and great for leftovers (Meal planning tip: double the recipe and tuck one away in the freezer for those times you have unexpected company or limited time to cook).
  4. Recipe Binder: The perfect place to store your favorite family recipes. Gorgeous leatherette and gold foil detailing. Such a precious family keepsake!
  5. Nordstrom’s Makeup Sale: You don’t want to miss this sale! So many good deals on great beauty items (including the Naked eyeshadow pallet)!
  6. Ruffle Sleeve Top: Stripes, gingham, and ruffles. We can’t get enough of this top!
  7. Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe: We can’t wait to try this banana bread recipe. So yummy!
  8. Our March Wallpaper: Freshen up your phone for spring with our March Wallpaper. Download it for free here.
  9. Enamel Signet Ring: We’ve been eyeing this ring for a few months now, and now it’s on sale! A simple, clean design for everyday wear.
  10. Our Spotify Playlist: Don’t forget to listen along to our Spotify playlist this month. Our favorite songs for spring!

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