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Plan for the season.
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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 229

June 10, 2022

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that my team and I are loving this week:

  1. The highlight of my week was seeing our new Simplified Shirt Collection! You guys, I think I ordered every single one. I'm so excited my team has this fun opportunity to creatively think outside the box! 
  2. Have you heard about our summer accessories sale? Use code ACCESSORIZE to save 20% on all Simplified Planner accessories. This would be a great time to stock up on everything you use for planner start date (and gift to others throughout the year). P.S. If your kids are into stickers as much as mine, they will LOVE our bright stickers
  3. This classic tank comes in almost every color at a great price. Win! 
  4. This gold beverage tub is perfect for hosting. It can chill a few bottles of wine at the same time and looks pretty, too! 
  5. Most of you know the color green has my heart, so these cute dresses caught my eye immediately! This one and this one. 😍
  6. These heels go with every outfit, are so comfortable, and have a much better price point than other comparisons. And good news – I haven't seen them have this many sizes in stock, so add to cart and run to checkout! 
  7. This striped inflatable pool is adorable! It's obviously great for little ones, but I love watching my puppy, Walter, cool down and play in the contained water. The scalloped pink one is so cute, too! 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 68 – This week my BFF, Jane, is joining the show for a chat on all things summer: where they’re going, what they’re packing, what they’re eating, the best pro-tips for different destinations (even with kids!). It was such a fun episode to record with her! 
  9. Love the dainty design on this neutral pillow. So timeless! 
  10. This suit is so beautiful (and looks much more expensive than it actually is). Can't wait to order on June 11. 

xo, Emily 

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