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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 224
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Vol. 224

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that my team and I are loving this week:

  1. I have been preparing for a few high school graduations, and love setting them up for college with a Daily Simplified Planner. It truly is the best tool for staying organized in a new, transitional, busy season. 
  2. Our Notebooks are also a great way for college students to stay focused in class. Taking notes by hand has proven study-success. 
  3. In my search to find the very best clean beauty concealer, this one came as THE #1 recommended. Ordered and love it! 
  4. After carline and errands and practice carpools, I cannot wait to get into my favorite comfy clothes for the rest of the evening. I truly look forward to the softest material all day long. 
  5. This pendant necklace is so beautiful. It's such a timeless staple piece!
  6. These shorts are a dream to workout in. And I don't mind wearing them to run around either – perfect for summer! 
  7. I love the yellow detail on this white dress. It's on repeat for me right now! 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 63 – This week my BFF, Kristin Winchester, and I share the long, winding road through infertility we both experienced, how it impacted our partners, and the complicated feelings we had throughout our journeys. 
  9. Kitchen win – these mini spatulas! Great for everything. 
  10. And you should definitely use your new spatula to make our favorite chocolate chip cookies ever. These are on the sweet menu for us this weekend! 

xo, Emily 

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