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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 223
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Vol. 223

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought our team a little bit of joy this week: 

  1. Our Linen Journals are the best for every thought and prayer. I hope every woman has one on their nightstand. 
  2. The Travel Workbook helped me plan our weekend trip to New York and kept track of all my getaway notes. It's just Brady and I getting to see Broadway and enjoy some mama-son time together. 
  3. Since I'm exploring New York this weekend, I just need to share that Jess King's Broadway walk / run on Peloton is truly amazing. 
  4. I cannot wait to host an outdoor dinner with this rattan flatware
  5. Is this flutter dress not THE cutest?! So cute. 
  6. Every young girl, teenager, and grown woman needs to color a page out of this book. So glad this encouragement exists! 
  7. Loving this brightly-colored, supportive swimsuit! My favorite part is that it doesn't leave suntan lines. 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 62 – I had the pleasure of sitting down with our Creative Director, Whitney Hawkins, to talk about the easiest plants and flowers to care for inside and outside your home, Whit’s go-to tools for any gardening projects, and why gardening has sprouted new relationships in her neighborhood, and a new sense of confidence, wonder, and awe in herself.
  9. This cup set is great for kids, especially when they want one million drinks every summer day! I love the dinosaur design too. 
  10. I don't cook much, but when I do I want to wear matching aprons. One for me and one for Caroline

xo, Emily 

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