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Plan for the season.
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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 219

April 01, 2022

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought my team and I a little bit of joy this week:Ā 

  1. My Honey the Bee Hat has been on repeat as we prep for Launch Day! No one has time for clean hair when preparing beautiful Simplified Planners to launch in just a few days. šŸ˜Š
  2. A Launch secret? Okay, fine, I will share one! We have NEW Notebooks launching in this Spring Collection. Hooray, they are my favorite!Ā 
  3. I cannot stop wearing these super adorable, super comfortableĀ sneakers!Ā 
  4. Have you triedĀ Olipop? My kids and I LOVE it for a healthier alternative to soda.Ā 
  5. Since I'm always on the go, I love carrying this slim wallet in my purse for easy access or even by itself. It's so cute!Ā 
  6. My friends collabed with Lisi Lerch on the most beautiful earrings that IĀ have been grabbing to wear every morning. Congratulations, Sarah, Sarah, Molly, and Grace!Ā 
  7. I've been searching the sun for a flattering, covers-everything swimsuit for the past, well, forever, and I can safely say I've found two favorites ā€“ this one and this oneĀ (I suggest sizing up for Summersalt).Ā 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 58Ā ā€“ This week, Morgan Harper Nichols and I talk about how to quiet your heart and find contentment, no matter where you are (even if itā€™s somewhere you donā€™t want to be).
  9. These are so healthy & helpful for me to drink more water! With extra electrolytes, too. (I recommend the pack of three flavors.)
  10. Happy April! We have a newĀ playlistĀ for you to listen to!Ā 



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