Weekly Top Ten
Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 217
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Vol. 217

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought our team a little bit of joy this week: 

  1. Seeing everyone receive their Linen Journals makes us so excited (and brings us an immeasurable amount of joy)! Have you started writing something special in yours yet? 
  2. As we enter a new season, it's smart to check in on your budget. Try our Finances Workbook to stay on track throughout the year! 
  3. This dutch oven works overtime by making delicious dinner AND looking so nice on top of the stove. We love everything in this new home collection. 
  4. It's no secret that the Align leggings are a big hit, but the price tag can be intimidating. Our team gives this perfect pair (at a way better price) a 10/10! 
  5. This volumizing mascara is great for everyday wear! 
  6. We're loving all things green right now, and this beach bag is no exception. 
  7. Looking for spring patio inspo? These indoor/outdoor lights will spruce up any space for a more fun atmosphere!  
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 56 – This week, Emily’s sharing a few ways you can start to be more gentle and kind with yourself – a message we all need to hear more often! 
  9. Add this to cart right now for your new favorite salad dressing!  
  10. Our March playlist is a fun one to listen to in the car! Roll the windows down and enjoy the fresh air. 
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