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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 212
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Vol. 212

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought our team a little bit of joy this week: 

  1. Our Friendship Workbook is here to help you think of ways to care for your friends and loved ones well, so you can experience the fullness of a life lived with treasured relationships.
  2. Simplified Lunchbox Notes are such an adorable way to make someone's day. These don't have to be just for kiddos – keep these on hand for your spouse and friends, too! 
  3. The color choices, the fit, the price, need we say more? This tank is so good. 
  4. Turn your space into vacation with this candle. Scents of island coconut, dune grass, and fresh citrus will have you feeling like you're on the beach in no time. 
  5. You will be stunned at how flattering this timeless black dress is! It doubles for fun + classic. 😍
  6. This lightweight cuticle serum is extra hydrating for dry nails, and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy at all. 
  7. Living Fully by Mallory Ervin – We're so proud of our friend's new book release this week. Her story is truly amazing! 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 51 – This week, Emily's husband is back on the show for a little Valentine's fun. Listen for plenty of laughs as Emily and Bryan share some of their favorite stories and memories, game show style. 
  9. This game is SO fun for the family! P.S. Don't let this edition be confused with the (very) adult version, ha! 
  10. February's playlist is a fun mix of new and old! Listen along with us. 
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