Weekly Top Ten
Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 184
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Vol. 184

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought our team a little bit of joy this week: 

  1. Simplified Birthday Sale! It's so fun to throw our own 13th birthday party for y'all to celebrate with us. Treat yourself to 30% off!  
  2. Cake is always in order for a celebration. Try this wonderful pound cake recipe to complete our Simplified birthday party! 
  3. These sandals are comfortable, functional, and come in many colors! So many wins. 
  4. Summer skincare – clean, effective, and amazing products! Use code LEY10 for 10% off your order.
  5. Fruit and veggie food huggers – to save the other half for tomorrow! 
  6. The cutest ceramic berry baskets. 😍
  7. Okay, is this not THE coolest woven bag?! Adorable! 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 20 – Emily shares how to keep moving forward after big life changes and how to bounce back after making a million mistakes when you try something new.
  9. New month, new book! Join Emily Ley's Book Club in reading Digital Minimalism for July's virtue, unplugged. 
  10. New month, new playlist! Yay July! 
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