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Emily Ley Blog

Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 167

March 05, 2021

Happy Friday! Here are ten things that brought our team a little bit of joy this week: 

  1. We couldn't be more excited about The Simplified Podcast – live now! Listen, subscribe, and leave a review today. 
  2. Celebrating Emily's birthday. It's such an honor to have a fabulous friend and role model in our boss. We're so proud to celebrate you this week and every day, Em! Enjoy another year of growing boldly
  3. The most beautiful art journaling bible with hand-lettered gold ink illustrations. 
  4. These seersucker face masks – love the feminine ruffle. 
  5. Our Flag Sticker Set – Tip: Use these stickers to cover up the cost of gifts. Instead of crossing out the price, simply apply this sticker over any tag for a cleaner look. 
  6. Get Out of Your Head by Jennie Allen – March's Emily Ley Book Club choice to acknowledge the important virtue of faith.  
  7. This tech organizer is the best! We love that it has compartments for your laptop and additional accessories. 
  8. The Nap Dress – we'll take one in every design, please and thank you!  
  9. Preparing for at-home fun this spring and summer to be ahead of the game. This obstacle course for kids is an all around win! 
  10. Our March playlist – listen with us all month long.