Show Notes

Vol. 158

Happy Friday! Here are ten things Team Simplified is excited about this week: 

1. When Less Becomes More launches on TUESDAY! We can't contain our excitement about it. Be sure to pre-order your copy if you haven't done it yet! 

2. Emily and Hannah leave on Tuesday for the WLBM Book Tour. If you can't join us at one of the stops, be sure to follow along with them on Instagram! 

3. Make this Almond Flour Pumpkin Bread for a special gluten free treat this fall. 

4. Have you tried these hair ties? If you sleep with your hair up at night, these scrunchies are wonderful. 

5. 2020 Signature Simplified Planners are available now, and now's the perfect time to get yours before the January rush! 

6. If you need some everyday gloves that will still allow you to use your phone this winter, these texting gloves are the perfect solution. 

7. Don't forget to listen along to our Spotify playlist this month. 

8. If you're going to be doing some traveling over the holidays, or need a great gift for someone, these travel cases are high quality and perfect for keeping your suitcase organized. 

9. Here's an easy and quick pasta recipe for a quick, weeknight meal. 

10. It's officially blanket weather! This one is one of our favorites, and it also makes the perfect gift. 

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