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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 132
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Vol. 132



Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought us a little bit of joy this week: 

1. Our May Designs Collab: Phone cases, accessory bags, tumblers...all in your favorite Simplified Planner covers! Bonus: the large accessory bag with a flat seam is large enough to carry your Simplified Planner! 

2. Kate on Instagram: If you're looking for simple beauty routines and mom fashion inspiration, be sure you're following our friend Kate! We love all of her recommendations. 

3. Lemon Chicken Flatbead Wraps: Our resident chef, Dusty, makes this for her family regularly. So yummy! 

4. Make-Up Eraser: Simplify your nighttime routine. These take ALL  of your make-up off with just water. Amazing! 

5. Mint Lip Treatment: Our favorite lip treatment just came out in mint! We can't wait to get our hands on this! 

6. Our Amazon Favorites: Don't forget that you can now shop our favorites on Amazon! We'll be continually adding everything from our favorite snacks to favorite beauty products. 

7. Emily's Scallop Coat: If you're looking for the perfect spring coat, this is it! We love the gorgeous scallop details! 

8. Our Pinterest Boards: Our Pinterest boards are getting a new look! Follow along with us on Pinterest to stay up to date with all of our favorite things and inspiration throughout the week. 

9. Butter Tips for Baking: Ever wondered what room temperature butter means when you're baking? We love Sally's tips for making sure you're butter is just right! Worth the read if you enjoy baking. 

10. Our Spotify Playlist: We know you'll love our February playlist! Don't forget to sign up here to receive a new playlist in your inbox each month. 

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